Florence E. Flynn

Died: 2017-08-03
Resided in: Peabody, MA
Viewing type: Services in NYC
Viewing location: Services in NYC Sept. 2017
Viewing date: 2017-08-03 Sept. 2017 services only.
Service type: St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC
Service date: Sept: St. Patrick's Cathedral, DATE TBD.
Service location: NYC : St. Patrick's Cathedral
Burial type:
Burial date:



With great sadness but joy for her life, the family of Florence E. Flynn announces her passing on Thursday, August 3. Although she enjoyed her last decade in Massachusetts and even came to embrace the Boston Red Sox, Florence was a proud New Yorker. She was born in Queens, New York to Charles and Augusta Lingmann Eschmann, was educated and worked in the City, and there captured the heart of handsome Irishman Joe Flynn who had emigrated from Galway as a young child. Vivacious, gregarious, smart and passionate, she worked for Pan American Airways -- she loved to regale airline pilots with her stories of traveling to Havana on a seaplane. When Pan Am moved their operations out of New York City she joined WNEW radio on Fifth Avenue and helped launch the career of young writer Bob Stewart who entered the television Hall of Fame as creator of quintessential game shows Password, The Price is Right and the $100,000 Pyramid and remained a life-long friend. After Florence and Joe married in the Lady Chapel of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, she took a break from her work to become the mother of 3 girls - Christine Patrice of Aspen, Colorado (site of her honeymoon), Meredith Flynn-Ripley of Lexington and Annisquam, MA and Judith Charlene who died in infancy. She and the family, including her mother, enjoyed life in the town of Pelham Manor which Florence loved for many reasons, one being it was only 29 minutes via train to Grand Central Station, NYC. She was active locally at Meredith's school and The Manor Club, was a member of the Larchmont Shore Club and became a tennis player and champion bowler -- she loved her bowling trophies! Florence was also an active volunteer at the local hospitals where she lived, including most recently the Lahey Medical Center in Peabody. She always regretted that she couldn't continue volunteering there or at St. Richard's Church during these last few years. When Christine and Meredith were in high school, Florence took that 29-minute train into the City to join Brooks Brothers as Executive Assistant to the Marketing VP, a job she adored (as, with her love of life, she did throughout her career). After 35 years in Pelham Manor, Florence and Joe retired to Southbury, Connecticut where she perfected her writing and advocacy skills on numerous topics. A 'people person', Florence loved to talk with and learn about most everyone she met. Her interest in people's details caused more than one to tell her she should write a book, the same advice she freely offered to many others she found interesting. She always followed politics closely, moving between the parties regularly and always had a "nose for news!" After 52 years of love, laughter and a lot of dancing, her beloved Joe passed on in 2005. She moved to Brooksby Village, Peabody, MA shortly thereafter, but always claimed New York City as her home. During her long and good life, she deeply loved and was deeply loved in return. Family was the most important thing to her and she took great pleasure in spending time with all her family, especially her grandchildren. Florence was a talented businesswoman and, had she been born a few decades later, she most likely would have been a skilled attorney. Her daughters will be forever grateful for the talents she passed on and nurtured in them.

In addition to Christine, Meredith, Bruce (her son-in-law), and grandchildren Miranda and Thomas, Florence will live on in the hearts and minds of her nieces and nephews Lisa LaSalle, Robert Eschmann, Nora Flynn Dermody and their families. Coming home to New York, a memorial service will be held at St. Patrick's Cathedral Lady Chapel in September. Florence always appreciated the hardworking students who were employed by Brooksby Village and the special people at St. Richard's Catholic Church in Danvers, In lieu of flowers, gifts in her name can be made to the Brooksby Village Scholarship Fund (100 Brooksby Village Drive, Peabody), or the St. Richard Music program (

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