Helen V. Lonergan

Died: 2012-09-30
Resided in: Danvers, MA
Viewing type: Private
Viewing location:
Viewing date: 2012-09-30
Service type: Funeral Mass
Service date: 2012-10-09 11am
Service location: St. Mary's Church , Danvers MA
Burial type: Private
Burial date:

Funeral Mass 10/9 at 11am : St. Mary's 24 Conant St Danvers MA

Helen V. (Fleming) Lonergan 92, of Danvers passed away September 30, 2012 at a health care center in Minnesota. She was the wife of the late Thomas Lonergan.

Born in Peabody in 1919 Helen was raised there and went on to work at Shetland Industrial and Brooks Market. She was a well known seamstress that made beautiful wedding gowns and assisted in the uniforms for several professional Boston sports teams. Helen moved to Minnesota three years ago with family. Prior to that she resided in Danvers. She was active with Catholic Daughters, Our Lady Sodality and many church activities. She was the daughter of Hugh and Mary (O'Hara) Fleming.

She leaves her children;Mary Ellen Corliss of Bradford, Eileen Lonergan of Peabody, Thomas of Minn., Robert of Danvers and Daniel Lonergan of Minn. Also leaving 21 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren.

Online expressions of sympathy

Mom I am really going to miss you. Say hello to Dad for us Your loving son Tom
Dear Lonergan family, We had been neighbors of yours since 1978 on Laurel Street until 13 years ago when we moved to Peabody. Please know how sorry we are for you loss. 92 years young, your mom did well....may she rest in peace and be re-united with your dad. Our love & prayers to all of you during this time. Mr. & Mrs. Lou & Linda Perrino
Mom,you have been a very easy person to care for all these years, even though you used to tell me you were sorry for being a burden, that was not the case at all, you taught me so `much about being a good giving person. you will be missed alot , also I never met a person that did not like you. Dad is proud of you. Love and miss you Dan
All my love to the Lonergan family at this time. I loved DEDE so much and was so fortunate to have had these last 2 years with her. Listening to her funny poems and all of her humor is a once in a lifetime experience which will never be forgotten, ever. She was a great 500 rummy card player which I will miss terribly, it will never be the same game without seeing her gently laying down her plays. She was and will be forever in my heart. Buying tickets for her everyday was as much enjoyable for me as it was for her to get them. I can still see her popping out of her bed when we brought them to the door. I met her with tickets, and will leave her with all those memories. By prayers go out to the family forever. Kathy Rowley
i love you gram an i miss you very much! love Tim
I have wonderful memories of your mother, her terrific sense of humor, and fun-loving nature. It was always a good time to visit at your house on Laurel Street or to run into her at Ma and Pa's in Peabody. This is a beautiful picture of your mom and just as I remember her. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Love, Ruthie Fleming Hamilton
awwwwwww............geeze Man. When I heard this it felt just like someone punched me in the heart. I’m so sorry, your mom was a darn cool lady and I enjoyed talking to her so much that day you brought her down here to the marina. Her mind was so sharp, she was even catching the zingers I tossed at her that I know not too many people would get. I can only HOPE that should I live to be in my 90’s, my mind is as sharp and quick as hers was. The world’s is a little bit emptier now with her passing...really...keep in mind that tune “Some Day, we’ll be together” I can’t remember who sang it, (Diana Ross?) but I’m sure you mom could. Once again, so very very sorry for everyone’s loss. Love, Clyde and Barb Cameron
Dede, I will miss knocking at your door and hearing you respond with “LO”, walking fast along your side (usually behind you as I tried to catch up to you), and trying to talk you out of knocking on every door on the 4th floor which you always wanted to do! I will miss hearing you knock at my own door, and moving quickly toward my couch in just enough time for me to clear a walking path for you! I will miss seeing you sit on my couch with your feet all curled up and drinking tea and eating cookies, and looking at wonderment at the cats who would not leave you alone. I treasure the wonderful memories of Christmas 2009, the kitchen flood that preceded it, the night we all stayed up until 3:00 a.m. re-arranging Danny’s room. I will miss having you alongside me in the car when we picked up Tom at Xcel in downtown St. Paul. I will miss sharing with you the garage sales, thrift stores, bingo, casino trips, and church festivals. I will always remember the fun we had attending the Barry Manilow concert at Xcel last April, raising the glow sticks in the air. It was fun to see your delight when we watched Disney on Ice from the front row, and how we almost ended up taking cab there together due to the major Minnesota snow storm. The Washington County Fair will never be the same for me after experiencing it with you. I will miss hearing your beautiful accent, and receiving your phone calls, especially when I didn’t answer the phone and I could listen to your message over and over again. It was a blast to take a cross country trip with you on the train, and then seeing how well you adjusted to living in Minnesota, even though it bothered you how these nice Minnesota people ended their sentences with prepositions. These past 3-1/2 years you brought laugher back into my life, and helped me to look at the bright side of life. I was always amazed in your ability to make each of your children feel like they were your favorite, always stopping any disagreements with your famous saying:” Fight, Fight, I hate peace” ! I will miss your sharpness, which what you Bostonian’s refer to as “freshness”, because it always ended up with a handshake, sometimes even a very brief hug which I always greatly appreciated. I will always remember your own mother’s advice regarding sponge baths: “Wash up as far as possible, wash down as far as possible…and give a dash to possible.” I will always remember how well you adjusted to any situation….if your Salada tea and scratch tickets! I am so grateful for the beautiful children you gave this world, and thankful to each of them for sharing you with me over these years. You were loved more than you could have ever realized, and you will be missed more than you would ever have thought possible. If you had read this before you left us, you would have teared up a bit, then responded with “O COME ON Angie”. You were a strong, educated, independent woman. Love always Angie
The Lonergans moved in next door to us in 1948. Over 60 years ago Never were there any angry words passed in all those years. They were truly a joy to be around. Our prayers are with all of you. Anthony Munroe and family
TO all of you who write how much dede will be missed I thank you it means alot to us when we read those kind words miss you mom, every time i go out i feel like i forgot your winng tickets.. all my love Dan
Dedi, You were the best mother-in-law a man could ask for. You and Tom were always there for us and always willing to give of your time and energy to help us out. Even though you never won it big with your scratch tickets, you certainly won it big in everyone's heart. I know you are with Tom now and that is your million dollar jackpot. I will miss you, Dedi, and will never forget you. You left an everylasting impression. Bill
Dear Mary Ellen and Family, So sorry to hear about your mom. Dede was always so sweet to me,putting up hems on my childrens clothes and mine. She was such a good seemstress. Later, when her sight would not let her continue, it was so nice to see her on Holidays to give her a little gift of appreciation. Her peanut butter fudge was just the best! I missed her when she went to Minnesota and I will continue to miss her. I will keep her in my prayers Love, Toni Mondalto
I met Angela a bit over a year ago, who then introduced me to Dede. She was a very funny, kind and wonderful person. We played bingo together once and then had wheelchair races in their condo basement. I will always treasure those memories and she will live on in my heart. Charlotte Lang
To the family of Dee Dee: We are so sorry for you loss. She was a wonderful lady, vibrant and lots of fun! It was a pleasure knowing her….We all have such fond memories of her! Please know you all will be in our thoughts and prayers. Pete & Joanne Fader Margie Day
To my cousins, Aunt Dede was a wonderful person and I am thankfull that she had a full 92 years to enjoy her family and friends. The Angels took her into heaven to be with our Loving Father she will be in our prayers. Mary (Lessor) Lussier, Ohio
I have nothing but fond memories of Mrs Lonergan. Growing up just down the street, I was well acquainted with the entire family. She made the best cake and fudge.... and wow, what a seamstress! She was loved by many... and will be missed by all. Greg Bartosik
My deepest sympathy to the Lonergan family. I know your mom made a big difference in my own mom's happiness over these years. My thoughts and prayers are with you. With deepest sympathy. Nicholas Paul Bush-Dimitrie (Son Of Angie)
To the Lonergan family: To read all these loving tributes warms my heart and hopefully warms yours, too. She was a delight, and there wasn't a phony bone in her tiny little body. How great that all these folks remember her talents and her pleasant neighborly ways. It was a privilege to know her. She was a good sport. Here's hoping heaven is full of scratch-offs as well as those she loved who predeceased her. Catherine Gudio Tom Lonergan's niece in Minnesota

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